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Welcome to n-Tec

The purpose of n-Tec is to develop, produce and market arc-type carbon nanotubes (CNT) with the main purpose of mechanical reinforcement additives in various polymer matrices. CNT is the strongest fiber known to man and a very important addition to various materials in order to improve their strength and other physical and chemical properties.

Carbon cones by n-Tec


Carbon cones (left)  

Multi-walled nanotubes

In addition, n-Tec has acquired the rights to produce other carbon nano particles such as carbon cones and discs, originally developed by Professor Thomas Ebbesen at the University of Strasbourg, France, and by Aker Kværner, Norway.

n-Tec has developed a proprietary plasma arc method for producing the high quality multiwall CNT. All R&D work is done in close cooperation with Professor Thomas Ebbesen. The CNTs have been tested by several customers and found to exhibit the highest quality. In particular, n-Tec is working with aerospace companies, polymer producers and other potential customers to develop unique applications for the technology.

A pilot production unit has been put into operation at The Institute for Energy Technology at Kjeller, Norway. From this unit the company supplies test samples to selected customers and partners. As soon as these partners are ready to place larger orders, the production capacity will be increased to industrial scale. The design of a such a fully automated production plant is ready and can be implemented on short notice.

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